What is Bingham Cup?


What is Bingham Cup?

As a lot of you are likely aware, this year the Emerald Warriors will have a cohort of players, coaches and supporters representing the club in the Bingham Cup 2016. The contest will take place in Nashville, Tennessee this May.

The Bingham Cup developed from a sevens IGRAB [International Gay Rugby Athletic Association] International tournament, into the more familiar full fifteen a-side event known as The Bingham Cup. To date the there has been 8 cities to host the contests globally.

Why the Bingham Cup? The tournament is named in honor of a fellow inclusive rugby player and the 911 hero, the late Mark Bingham. As well as playing rugby, Mark helped to establish the San Francisco Fog and the Gotham Knights inclusive clubs. These were two of the first six inclusive clubs registered with IGR [formally IGRAB].

Globally Mark is probably better known for another event. Mark was one of many passengers on United Airlines Flight 93. Most of you will recognize this flight number as being the one where passengers went above and beyond and fought against the hijackers onboard the flight. The altercation led to the flight not hitting the hijackers’ intended target on September 11th 2001. It’s widely accepted that Mark was one of a group of passengers who helped fight the hijackers onboard the flight. Between the establishment of the aforementioned inclusive clubs and his heroics on flight 93, it’s unimaginable how many lives Mark has helped or saved.

It’s not too late to get involved with this years Mark Kendall Bingham Memorial Cup. If you are interested in joining the club on this excursion, please reach out to our organising committee on this e-mail address [email protected].


For more information on this years tournament visit the official website via this link: Bingham Cup 2016

See photographs from the Emerald Warriors’ Bingham 2014 Bowl final via this link: Kevin Scott Photo Album – Warriors V New Zealand Falcons