President’s Report – Year in Review


My Fellow Warriors,

First off, I want to wish everyone of you a very wonderful Christmas to you and your loved ones.

At this point, coming to the end of the year and half way through our Rugby season, this is also a great point to reflect on where we are as a club

Firstly, I’d like to thank every member of our club for your contribution and support throughout the year, regardless if you’re a Player, an active supporter of just a close friend, your support means a lot to our club, also a massive Thanks to all our sponsors for your support which we highly appreciate.

There have been many highlights this season so far,

  • The determination, the passion, the commitment and of course the rugby talent that I witness in our first league game against St. Mary was truly amazing, As I said many a time, the way we played in our first game is how I expected us to finish the season off, so be at the level from day one and to watch ever player and the team as a combined unit get stronger is just amazing.  A massive Thanks to our new Coaches, both Pete and Simon.
  • Currently been 4th Place is the Leinster Metro League
  • The Growth in our Membership, currently at 116 Member with another open day planned for the 6th of January.  please check out the detail on Facebook.
  • The support I’ve received from our amazing committee for which I’m extremely grateful for their support and hard work, which goes unnoticed the majority of the time.
  • However, the biggest Highlight for me is that I’ve just registered 70 people for Bingham 2018, that’s 2 Full team and plenty of supporters, believe me when I said this, our rugby performance and the club’s professionalism at Bingham 2018 will be the to date, we will build on the foundations of previous tournaments like never before.

Like any club or organisation, there are areas we need to focus where we can improve.

  • One of biggest issue we face,  is lack of Game Time for a lot of our players, which I do apologise for, but it’s one of those tricky situations and hard to control during a game, however this will be dealt with straight away in 2018 with more friendlies than you can handle, we will also play in the Guilfoyle-James Cup
  • Club communication, while its improved massively with Team Snap its still not where it needs to be, however the amount of people who still fail to read the communication is another issue which we struggle to fix.  (meant in a nice way – lol )
  • Unfortunately, no club can survive without healthy finances. Whilst we are lucky to have sponsor support, and club subscriptions, these barely cover the costs of running a successful and efficient club Therefore, fundraising is and always will be a critical area of focus. For a club that has significant growth of 20% in its membership you would expect to see similar levels in our fundraising activates however we seen a decline in our Super Draw tickets by 10%.
  • Unfortunality our club needs funds to survive and in order to give our member the club they deserve we need to focus more of our efforts on Fundraising, all suggestions welcomed.
  • The club’s merchandising that hasn’t turned up yet, we did have a few issues with the vendor and pricing which is all sorted now and order is expected to be delivered in early Jan.


Over all its been an extremely positive and successful year for our club both on, our home stage and an international stage,   adding to our list of achievements in 2017 was winning both the Union Cup Shield in Madrid,  along with the rights to host Union Cup 2019,  which has simply been the icing on the cake for us and every member both past and present needs to be proud of your contribution to these achievements as they’ve been a long time coming and without the foundations been built in the past numbers of years we would not be the club we are today with those efforts.

I’m extremely excited for 2018 for the Emerald Warriors as we will continue to build, develop and grow our club as we learn from our mistakes and capitalise on our achievements.

All that’s left for me to do at this point is to wish you all a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year, I hope Santa brings you all loads of Ruby gifts and I wish you nothing but good health and success for 2018.

Once again Thank You for your support to OUR CLUB.

Merry Christmas,

Yours in Rugby,