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Ioan Hughes of Emerald Warriors RFC
Ioan Hughes of Emerald Warriors RFC

Pre Warriors Rugby Experience – Some.

4 years ago when I moved to Dublin, I only really knew a couple of people….literally 3 or 4. Previous to moving to Dublin, I had played for a while with the Ulster titans in Northern Ireland and found it to be an amazing experience and wanted more.  I also wanted to be able to play the sport that I loved and feel confident, comfortable and safe doing so.  In this regard I consider myself a lucky guy as I was a member of both the Dublin Devils (Soccer) and the Emerald Warriors. Both clubs did amazing things for my confidence and skill.  

For me, the Warriors is an environment where genuinely anyone is welcome and with any skill.  The players and coaches alike are some of the most supportive people on and of the pitch, I have ever met. It isn’t often you can join a team that can boast a coaching staff and supportive team mates but the Warriors can even boast an incredible backroom team (committee) who support you through difficult times both on and of the pitch. I owe this club (and the Devils) so much for the network of friends and support they have given me. 

Come along to a session, have a chat with some of the guys and truly become a part of a bigger (muckier) family!!!