Meet the Warriors – Stephen Ryan

ewrfcadminMeet the Warriors

Why did you join?

I joined the Emerald Warriors to reignite my passion for playing rugby. Battling with my sexuality in secondary school I gave up the sport, only to find a safe space where I am surrounded by people who help me accept my sexuality while playing the sport I love.

What does being a Warrior mean to you?

I’m proud to be a Warrior. I could talk for days on this topic. The comradeship and the good times on and off the pitch are hard to beat!

What have you learned/gained since joining the Warriors?

I learned since joining the Warriors, that through tough times your club/teammates will be there for you.

What has been your favourite moment/memory of being a Warrior?

Winning tournaments is always fun and make for great memories but my favourite memory was the entirety of Bingham Cup 2018 in Amsterdam. It was my first rugby tour with The Warriors. Playing teams from all around the world and making new friends and even connecting with friends you have made through Instagram was an amazing experience.

Any advice for aspiring Warriors?

If you want to make some life long friends, take up a sport, new or old come to our next open day or any day we have training. You are all more than welcome.

You may find playing rugby isn’t for you, but you won’t know till you “try”.