Meet The Warriors – Simon Murphy

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Simon Murphy of Emerald Warriors RFC

Simon Murphy (32)

I was coerced in late 2010 to join a Warrior’s training session by a friend who was already on the team. I was 28, fit-ish but not exactly sporty, and when it came to rugby I was clueless.
The first session I found fast going, quite confusing, but also a friendly and lively atmosphere. It was only when we had a full contact training session that I really took the bait for rugby, I still hadn’t a clue what I was doing, but I couldn’t remember the last time I’d felt so invigorated or alive.
Since then I’ve travelled to four different countries with the club competing in international tournaments. I’ve managed to travel as far afield as Australia with the team. I’ve grown my social circle, made some really great friends, spent a lot of time outside my comfort zone but revelled in it.
I’ve grown a lot as person, discovered different sides to myself and different strengths I didn’t know I had, while learning a new skill. And I have become part of a team which is now very much a part of me.