Meet the Warriors – Richie Fagan

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Richie Fagan of Emerald Warriors RFC
Meet the Warriors – Richie Fagan
I joined the club in 2012 after talking to a Warrior out one night. I was aware of the Warriors but I really wasn’t prepared for how important the club would be for me going forward. I had little rugby experience but from day one the team were extremely supportive and enthusiastic to ensure I was on the right path to develop onto the team. It has been challenging on all fronts but totally worth it.
The club has in its DNA an awesome ability of attracting a unique group of people who are extremely hardworking and dedicated from the management in the background with the committee through to the supporters that encourage the club and the team for success on every level. It’s been an awesome journey with an exceptional group of lads. Joining the Warriors has taught me more then just the game of rugby & has brought values into my personal life with strong friendships & connections between each of the warriors. These friendships have also branched out into my my close family circle and friends and I love the fact that this rugby community has the ability to forge new relationships.
Over the years I’ve travelled on many memorable trips with the Warriors, although we go into these competitions with immense drive and ambition for the win, they often turn into something out of ‘The Inbetweener’s’ on speed : ) I’ll cherish these memories with plenty of stories to tell the grandkids (ummm…. or maybe not).