Meet The Warriors – Marcus Connolly

ewrfcadminMeet the Warriors

Marcus Connolly (31)

When I moved to Dublin just over two years ago one thing I promised myself is I would do is join a rugby team. I wanted to do this so I could learn how to play the sport that I love. I fulfilled that promise to myself by joining the Emerald Warriors shortly after I moved.

Growing up in Kilkenny it’s all about hurling and as a Kilkenny man I’m proud of our hurling achievements but rugby is my passion. I had followed the Emerald Warriors for a while on social media but wasn’t sure about how to go about joining; that was until i saw an advert for a preseason training open day. I took the plunge and turned up to the event and the rest is history. Forward to the present day and I’m still here.

The Warriors have had a huge influence on my life, for the better.  It has thought me many different aspects of rugby I didn’t know as a spectator. It has increased my fitness and skill level. Most importantly for me it has introduced me to some people who have become my closest friends.

Two of my fondest memories from the Warriors are my first game against Terenure and my first trip away to Australia for the Bingham cup. In Sydney I was lucky enough to met Alice Hoagland the mother of Mark Bingham who was my first gay role models.

In the warriors we have a few mottos, my favorites are Be A Warrior and Warriors Stand Together. I can vouch that the Warriors are united as a team, we play for each other on the field and we give it our all. Believe me you should come and join us and see what it’s all about.