Meet the Warriors – John Gavin

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John Gavin of Emerald Warriors RFC

Meet the Warriors – John Gavin

I am the guy who decided an hour before the Open day that I would go. Some fleeting thoughts which had caused me to second guess my attendance: What if I don’t know anyone? Is there going to be much fitness? How will I fare with the rugby rules? Will they know that I haven’t run in over 4 months? Is it okay if my socks don’t match? (It is) Despite my obvious trepidation I eventually decided to pack my bag and make my way to the pitches. Needless to say, minutes after the session had started all my worries were put to rest.                                 

                    The friendly and helpful atmosphere created by the other Warriors made me feel immediately relaxed and welcome. Following the great time and encouragement at the open day, I decided to stick with the training and after a few sessions I realised that this club was the right one for me. The amazing team spirit and sense of belonging that I found in the team have now become huge parts of my life.  Moreover, fast forward 6 months and I am booking a rugby trip to Amsterdam with the Warriors. The guys on the team who had once been complete strangers to me have now become dear friends.

I look back on my first day with the Warriors and am so thankful that I made the decision to go. Today I am a happier and healthier person and have made a tonne of great friends, who I never would have met had I not joined the team. If you are also the guy who plans on deciding whether to go at the last minute, my recommendation is that you pack your bags and get going to the open day, or one of the weekday training sessions – I have no doubt that you will look back and be grateful you did!