Meet the Warriors – João Paulo Cavalcante

ewrfcadminMeet the Warriors

Why did you join?

I’ve played rugby back home for a couple of years and decidedly wanted to keep on playing when I moved to Dublin. A week after I’d arrived I heard of the Warriors and the idea of being part of an inclusive rugby team sounded as an amazing chance to get to know new people in a new country while doing something I loved.

What does being a Warrior mean to you?

It means being part of something bigger, a feeling of belonging, a sense that we’re important for visibility. I had no idea of the dimension of IGR, it feels awesome to stand up for who I am and encourages me because there’s a whole lovely team together on that.

What have you learned/gained since joining the Warriors?

I learned the terms of rugby I didn’t know in English, learned a good deal of Irish culture and made good friends who share the same passion. I love the sense of community in rugby environment.

What has been your favourite moment/memory of being a Warrior?

My very first tournament in Hadrian Cup 2020. It was spectacular, we had so much fun playing even though I was a bundle of nerves. My teammates gave me an incredible support on and off the pitch and I got to play a lot in every match, plenty of tackles.

Any advice for aspiring Warriors?

Just do it ! I moved to Dublin 5 years ago and put it off until last year and it’s Put your boots on and let’s get to the pitch, don’t be afraid, you will learn more than how to play, you can make good friends while having lots of fun.