Meet the Warriors – Dave Flynn

ewrfcadminMeet the Warriors

Why did you join?

I joined the warriors to try and make friends with a bonus of improving my

I have always wanted to play rugby. I have followed it for years. My primary school encouraged tag and going to university in Limerick meant it was hard to get away from it. I loved it. 

But, I stayed on the fringes. My insecurities kept me away.  The idea of being confronted by a group of heterosexual men was too real for my younger self.  In hindsight, it was the idea of admitting myself to others that held me back. 

I waited until I was 33 before I finally convinced myself to go to a training session. I guess you could say it was a long time coming.

What does being a Warrior mean to you?

Before the Warriors my understanding of a team was through acting. In the rehearsal space you develop trust and relationships with your fellow actors. You make mistakes and you laugh at those mistakes. You form solid bonds that you carry to the stage.

The Warriors are no different. In training we develop, not only the skills needed for rugby, but the solid bonds to be there for each other on and off the pitch.

What have you learned/gained since joining the Warriors?

My body’s capability. It is amazing how much physical contact your body can endure. When you push yourself to the max you can always go further. The Warriors has taught me this.

What has been your favourite moment/memory of being a Warrior?

My first tackle. As a full back you are the last line of defence. When you see a large forward break the line you have to fight your instinct and bring him to the ground. The adrenaline rush is incredible.

Any advice for aspiring Warriors?

Join. If I could speak to a younger version of myself I would. Come to a training session. You won’t regret it.