Meet the Warriors – Césaire Tchoudjuen

ewrfcadminMeet the Warriors

Why did you join?

I joined the Warriors after a friend of mine mentioned that Dublin has an inclusive rugby team. Now that is something I was curious about! I had never played rugby a day in my life but that sounded like the perfect way to meet new local friends (being an expat you tend to only socialize with other expats…).The only thing I knew is I love contact sport. I practiced Taekwondo and Judo in the past and I was cruelly missing the contact aspect of it. 

I attended a training session with the Emerald Warriors back in October 2015 and I was hooked. The following weekend I was playing my first game, having still absolutely no clue what the rules were but I had a blast! 5 years down the road I can tell joining this club is one of the best moves I have made!

What does being a Warrior mean to you?

It is actually hard to put words on this. I always try to think of myself as an individual and part of a collective. As a Warrior, I know that on the pitch every action I am undertaking will impact the rest of the team, and vice versa. It’s funny because this could also work off the pitch as well.

What have you learned/gained since joining the Warriors?

I have learned that there is a world between what my brain thinks is my limit and what I can actually achieve if I push myself. 

That being said when the ankle says no, it usually means NO and playing on that foot can be a really bad idea, trust me…

What has been your favourite moment/memory of being a Warrior?

My favorite moment was our tournament in Amsterdam back in 2018. Our game against the Sydney Convicts, the current top team. After 2 days of playing non-stop rugby, our tanks were empty. Yet this was some of the best rugby I’ve seen my team play. The abnegation and determination we displayed playing them is still today a source of pride when I think about the Warriors! The epic night out in Amsterdam the following night is a close 2nd.

Any advice for aspiring Warriors?

I joined the Warriors to break my solitude and get physically challenged. I gained lifelong friends, discovered my competitive side and I now have a solid group of friends supporting one another. This is hands down one of my best decisions. If you think you might be curious about rugby or joining a LGBT friendly sport club, just do it. Come to a training session, say ‘hi’ and take it from there 🙂