Meet the Warriors – Barry Walsh

ewrfcadminMeet the Warriors

Why did you join?

I’d just moved back Canada and was looking to make some new friends in Dublin. I had taken up some sports in the last few years and knew I liked it, so I thought I would give rugby a go. I was sort of apprehensive about the idea of contact.

What does being a Warrior mean to you?

In transition year, a rugby coach came to our school and gave us a few sessions. While we were playing, someone made fun of me for holding the ball “like a purse.” This sort of summed up my experience with sports at school. At the warriors, people feel comfortable being who they are. All levels and types of people are encouraged and welcomed. The warriors are inclusive to their core, and that is something that is really important to me.

What have you learned/gained since joining the Warriors?

I’m quite competitive. Well, I already knew that – but the warriors is a fun space to express that. I also found out that I love the physicality of rugby.

What has been your favourite moment/memory of being a Warrior?

I’ve had some really fun and exhilarating training sessions. We recently had a trip to Newcastle for a tournament. I was injured so didn’t play much but it was still really fun being part of a team that encourages and supports each other on and off the pitch.

Any advice for aspiring Warriors?

Give it a shot. Go to training. People will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and part of the team.