Match Report – Emerald Warriors vs Mullingar

ewrfcadminMatch Report


Mullingar RFC kindly hosted us for a training game, which ran for 60minutes.

In our two recent games we saw a lot of work was needed in defence, not only in making tackles, but in defence formation

and covering the full width of the pitch. This was our primary goal for the game, while maintaining a high energy and

aggressive attack. Weather was cold, wet and windy. However our team was togged out and ready early, and despite the

unfavourable weather we lashed into a solid warm-up.

We kicked off to Mullingar just after 1pm, and it was straight into aggressive defence. The opposition played the ball close

off their ruck, then looked to move it out wide, however our defence was up, ready and looking at their next avenue of

attack. We spread out from the ruck, the D1 and D2 in position and calling the Hold, and the rest of our players covering

the width of the pitch. After a couple of attacks, Mullingar broke through a soft tackle to score a try. Through the rest of the

game, the only way they could get behind us was through us. There was no open space, and they had to rely on a few of

their key players to cut through weak spots in our defence.

Kicking for the game improved on previous games, with all but one of our kicks making touch, and most of which gained us

considerable depth into the oppositions territory. However, our kick-offs need improvement. Lineouts were formed well,

and we made quite a successive maul, however the wind sent some throws awry. When we gained the ball for attack, our

pods were strong and low, and we rarely lost possession in the ruck. Our solid play in this area gained us quite a few penalty

kicks as the opposition was put under pressure and they were less disciplined in their counter rucking.

A couple of strong performances of note, including Gary Lynch who received man of the match! Putting in consistently

strong and effective tackles, and aggressively chasing the ball carrier when they broke through, he made a notable impact in

our defence, and our attack. We also saw some strong ball carrying from the forward pods, and our rucking was really good!

Off one lineout, where the ball came loose, Dave McGinley reacted quickest and secured the loose ball, and off another

Strictly lineout Dave made great distance before Mullingar could put him to ground.

If you look at our games against Clontarf, and MU Barnhall, then look at our defence training since, and then look at how we

played in Mullingar, you will see a team which has identified a weakness and worked really hard to fix it successfully. Our

coverage of the pitch width was superb, and our reactions to the Damo call were fast and effective. The only time they

broke through was from missed tackles (MAKETHEMTACKLES!!!!) A couple of the Mullingar players commended our

performance once they heard that most of our team have only recently taken up rugby. For everybody who made the effort

to get to Mullingar, you all deserve a pat on the back. Due to a low-ish turnout, several players were in unfamiliar positions,

but put in 100% effort regardless.

A big thanks to the injured players who made it down and gave big support from the sidelines!!

Congratulations to Andy Nyugen for his first game with the Warriors!

Warriors Team: Simon Murphy, Brian Healy, Marcus Connolly, Gary Lynch, Robert Clancy, Robert Medina, Colin Graham,

David McGinley, Philip Brereton, Conor Noble, Andy Nyugen, Ioan Hughes, Stephen Carroll, Ray McGovern, James Boyle,

Joseph Ward