Match Report – Emerald Warriors Vs Clondalkin

ewrfcadminMatch Report

The game started slightly late due to the previous game running over time, Clondalkin kicking off about 10 minutes after 3pm.

In the game itself, we didn’t perform consistently, Clondalkin landing a try early in the first half and following up with a couple

more before we managed to gain momentum, the first half belonged to the opposition, however we pulled ourselves together

and ramped up the intensity towards the half time whistle.

We kicked off the second half and unfortunately Clondalkin cut through the defence to land a try within the first minute, which

actually got us ramped up. We started to react in open play, reforming our defence and attack to the rhythm of the game. A

confusing blunder with an unseen knock-on allowed Clondalkin to score another try while most of our players looked to the ref

expecting a blown whistle.

With effective tackling and pressure at the breakdown we obtained possession several times, and off one of our scrums in our

own half, Andrew carried the ball through the oppositions defence to score a try under the posts, with the back line on his

heels in support. Noel converted the try with ease.

The game was finished early due to an injury, the injured party being too heavy and irritatable to carry off the pitch.

The first half score was 40-0, second half 17-7. The main difference in our game was attitude and intensity.

As much as we lost the game, and the opposition took advantage of our lack of cohesion, I want to commend the players, all

of you, for picking yourselves up and building on your performance through the game.

Well done to Niall, Daniel and Lee, playing your first game of rugby!

Big shout out to Farzan, tough week at training getting his head around things, but a big step up for the game, using his size

and strength in the breakdown and making a run covering substantial ground despite several defenders in his path. Keep it


A big thank you to Barry and Andrew for facilitating a strong warmup and joining us for the game.

Great play from Philip, very vocal and great aggressive running!

First full game for Coddle without subbing. Self declared. We knew you had it in you!  ?

Superb game from Noel at Full Back, calculated positioning, kicking and running, and conversion. Warrior of the match by my


Very strong and aggressive game from Gary, great play until he received a knock on head, then he was seen to be facing the

wrong way on the pitch shouting his own name and so was taken off for concussion safety. Seriously though, good saftety

call from teammates and Gary regarding the suspicion of a concussion.

Lineout, great throwing and defence, one point of organisation and communication to work on.

Solid consistency from Ross, strong running and defence.

Marcus great attacking game, fell on himself with predictable results, get well soon, back playing in 2 weeks!

Final score 57-7. Andrew try, Noel conversion.

Training Tuesday. Focus, attitude, intensity and aggression. 3 weeks until our next game on the 31st October!

Warriors Team: Simon Murphy, Brian Healy, Marcus Connolly, Gary Lynch, Noel Noblett, Joel McKeever, Stephen Walsh,

Robert Clancy, Michael Menton, Philip Brereton, Conor Noble, Ross Loughran, Farzan Safavi, James Boyle, Niall McDonald,

Daniel McFadden, Lee Martin.