Match Report – Clontarf Vs Emerald Warriors

ewrfcadminMatch Report

*Match report by acting captain Brian Healy.

Thanks to all who participated in Saturdays match and also to have a large number of supporters was fantastic. Daniel was awarded man of the match by Pat and this was well deserved. Daniel made it across the pitch got the tackles in and worked his ass off in the line out. As most of you know Marcus was awarded Queen of the match by my good self and there could not be a better and more gracious recipient.

Coming off the pitch I don’t think anybody really felt that the score reflected the amount of work that we all have put in since early July. Rugby can be cruel sometimes and Saturday was certainly a cruel day for us. However, we can make it better and we will. When attacking we must without fear bring the ball into contact and retain possession, then getting the ball out to our back after 3 pods will assist us in this goal.  Watching our defensive line, not getting sucked into rucks and taking on the personal responsibility to get all the tackles in we will see a change in the results of the matches we play.

All the negativity aside every single one of you have made huge strides forward in your rugby playing. We will get more skilled, we will get more experience and we will win.