Match Report – Emerald Warriors Vs Barnhall

ewrfcadminMatch Report

Match Report Emerald Warriors V MU Barnhall Saturday 31st October  2015, 2pm There will be a fair few sore bodies today, and there were some very exhausted players walking off the pitch on Saturday.  This is due to the fact that every … Read More

Meet the Team – Robert Clancy

ewrfcadminMeet the Warriors

Robert Clancy (27) I joined Warriors for two main reasons; I had always wanted to play Rugby but never found the confidence to try out and I didn’t know many people having just moved to Dublin from Galway. Joining the club … Read More

Meet the Team – Joel Loll-McKeever

ewrfcadminMeet the Warriors

Joel Loll-McKeever (24) I joined the Warriors in January 2015 because I felt at a loose end after finishing college. I wanted something to do that would motivate me, give me a chance to challenge myself and push me out of … Read More

An EWRFC approved Hangover Cure


Here are two suggestions to get over your Monday hangovers.  First drink lots of water. Second reminisce about yesterdays win. The good memories will send hormones around your body that will make you feel better. We will be doing it … Read More

Match Report – Emerald Warriors Vs Clondalkin

ewrfcadminMatch Report

The game started slightly late due to the previous game running over time, Clondalkin kicking off about 10 minutes after 3pm. In the game itself, we didn’t perform consistently, Clondalkin landing a try early in the first half and following … Read More