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Rugby is exhilarating. When you first watch rugby, it may look like organised chaos. Don’t let that intimidate you. Join us, and you’ll quickly realize that rugby football is more than a sport; it’s a challenge you issue to yourself and — no matter what kind of athlete you are or think you are — once you start playing, you will be hooked.

Rugby is a game like no other. It requires strength and conditioning you’ll never know you had, but because it’s so demanding, you’ll come off the pitch feeling on top of the world. One of the many beauties of rugby is that there’s literally a place for players of all shapes and sizes. Look at our team lineup and you’ll see everything from 5′5″ to 6′7″ with lots of variations in between. Rugby is “madness!

What really separates rugby from most other team sports is the spirit of brotherhood its players develop. In Rugby you play your heart out on the pitch and then celebrate with the other team the thrill of the competition and the brotherhood of the sport. Post game drink are infamous as some of the best fun you will ever have with your clothes on.

The intensity and demands may be intimidating, but they lead to deep loyalties and friendships among teammates. You may come to the Warriors for the fun of the game, but you’ll likely find a family.

Why play rugby with the Warriors?

The Emerald Warriors holds a broad appeal for experienced and inexperienced players alike. Warriors training is designed to meet the challenge of regular competition together with the skills development of new players.

Experienced players: We offer the opportunity to play rugby in a competitive and fun environment. The Warriors coaching staff is comprised of 3 coaches of international standard and a qualified physiotherapist. Whether you’ve been playing recently, or haven’t booted up in years, you’ll find the Warriors a great club to continue your rugby career.

Less-experienced players: Will learn the sport of rugby while finding athletic abilities they never knew they had. Some of our best players came to the us never thinking of themselves as “Ruggers” And have gone on to be part of a winning team.

Supporters: For those of you who love rugby but don’t participate on the pitch; we offer everyone a chance to become a Warrior as a supporter.

Why not contact our get in touch via: . We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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